Traditional Marketing V/s Digital Marketing

The days are gone when the owners used to work hard for 18 hours a day and used to get listed in the top 10 entrepreneurs. Today is an era of intelligent strategies and not of hardcore efforts. If you stay in a traditional style of marketing, you are of course putting your business into an unexpected danger zone. Los of owners run their business in the way old styles which their parents or their superiors were implementing. The old fashioned rational style of marketing used to be effective in the old times. But at the change in the time, the strategies to market the product also changes. But now, digital marketing in the present need of hours.
Let us first start with the basics of business strategies. There were four major elements that plays a very eminent role in making any business decision. As per the marketing terminology, it can be called as 4p’s of marketing or marketing mix.
It included the following aspects:


The price of the commodity of products/services or any offering is very important. The most of the busying decisions were made on the basis of the price factor. If the price of the goods are not convincing, majority of the decisions gets affected due to it. The price of a commodity is fixed on the basis of the research and study of demand analysis and supply analysis.


The place where you are selling your product is also one of the major factors. Many a time you tend to market your product at the place where you are not in terms with your actual target customer. Only propagating your brand is not important. Propagating your brand at the actual place is of more importance. This will make your efforts fruitful and noteworthy.


The product or offering that you want to sell itself has the crux it in. if your product is compromising the quality or any of its important characteristics, then it may not work for a longer period of time. Sometimes, cheap or inferior quality products/services may make a market for a time being, but not for a longer tenure.


The promotion made of the product or service is absolutely necessary. Without promotion, you cannot sell your product at its cent potential. This promotion activity is generally made for creating awareness in the market. It is associated with the brand recall and brand identity purposes.

Many good business people have used and focused the above basic strategies and have created miracles in outselling their products. But this strategy has ruled the market for more than 75 years. Now this is considered as an outdated or traditional approach towards sale. Now most of the people use computers, mobile phones, internet facilities and other technological devices. Then an era has come saying why not advertising your product on the devices which people uses maximum? This gave a birth to digital marketing. There are many digital marketing institutes in Ahmedabad that helps you understand this concept thoroughly.

Think New – Think Digital

The era has come when people have moved on from a traditional way of selling and branding things to others. Now most of people focus on spending less and earning more. This is not possible in the stereo-type marketing procedure. In the traditional style of branding, the fixed cost is fixed and it always increases in the long run. Apart from all these stress, the result is not guaranteed. Thus, traditional way of marketing did not think to be on positive side.

Digital marketing is considered as a smarter way to brand your products or services. It removes the major hurdles of traditional marketing. It is a way to connect t the people directly through internet and technological devices including mobile phones, computers, social media platforms etc.

“As a matter of fact the new era makes all entrepreneurs understand that if you are unable to change with the trending facts of the world, no sooner will you find yourself standing in a queue waiting for your time to come for development. When you are able to catch the falling ball, you are a real business tycoon.”

Let’s assume that you have ten thousand friends in facebook and many followers in an instagram. When you post something, all your friends are likely to see that. All your followers will notice what movements are happening on you posts or wall-page or desk-page. If you use this simple concept smartly and promote your brands judiciously, you may advertise your brand to all your known ones absolutely free. But what about those who are not in your friends lists? You need to promote your boost by paying some money and can advertise among others who don’t know you. This is exactly one of the type of social media marketing in real sense. Like this, there are several other ways where you can attract the Facebook users or whats-app users to get addicted with your brand page ad then when the actual need arises, the information giving will automatically turn into selling. Make a note of one thing that this thing needs to be implemented scientifically and you cannot just do it because you know it in halves. One has to understand the norms and certain key-note points before going for any such type of marketing.

“Promoting your brand to right target audience, with right approach with right content at wrong time can lead to failure of any social media campaign with low budget or high budget, may it be whatever:”

Understating this TIME portion is important. If you are not able to identify the right time, it will lead to failure for sure. Digital Marketing management teaches to think differently but in a same ship. You may change the shape of a food item, but you cannot change its taste.

Reasons for rising trends in digital marketing:

Current Expenditure and not a capital expenditure: The expenses made in digital marketing are not a onetime expense. It depends on various factors and it is not rigid too! You can enjoy the liberty of paying it off as per your convenience.
Strategic yet easy to execute: The concepts are prone to follow specific patterns. It is just not a sudden spurt that makes an advertising campaign ready. Though complex, it is very easy to understand and implement the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of the technique. Sometimes, right strategy used at the wrong time can also lead to despair. Thus, it is a tactical program.
Fruitful: many of the advertising campaign go beyond imagination with not money back. It just go with an objective to create awareness. This is not in the case of social media marketing. Here, the campaign runs with a time framed process and gives output immediately on exercising certain on/off page activities.
Lead generation – The advertising campaign runs with an objective of getting leads. People who are interested in the advertisement or branding will put their name and mobile number and soon you will get the list of people who are interested in your products or services.
After all the deliberate observations and experiences, one thing is for sure, entrepreneurs have to adopt new policies to market their products or services. Digital marketing techniques are that shining star in a corner which will show its real enigma once you start accepting its importance.
Much business men have lost their business because of inadaptability with the new trend. The social media platforms helps you gets connected with lots of people who are your real target audience. You also get the details of who are the people who have actually screened your advertisement. Also, if you convince them upfront, they are ready to pay online was well! This shows that the traditional way of marketing has ruled since decades but has not lead to exactness because of its uncertain nature. People were spending millions of their hard core earned money on the traditional and irrational kind of advertising techniques. These efforts, time and money were going of the way which did not guarantee any sale. Thus, traditional marketing has always been known just for creating brand awareness and not for actual sales preposition.
How to get into “digital-marketing world”

You can do a research in this area by yourself. Google out the meaning sources and rules to implement the digital marketing strategies. There are many online tutorials, free as well as premium paid service providers who can support you in learning this concept. This can be your own way of understating things and implementing it on your business page. This may sometime be expensive because you may end spending up more money than actual because of lack of proper knowledge.

You can also buy books and read materials on how to improve your brand image on social media platforms. Many a times, students generally prefer busying books and then implementing it as per their time and budget convenience.

There are many experts and free-lancers who help people in creating brand awareness in social media platforms. There are many institutes that train companies as well individuals for digital marketing. There are advanced level digital marketing programs that help many organizations in establishing their brand and increasing in sales through digital medium. Also there are companies and institutions that come to your office/company and teach you about how to create the pages and market it among your target audience. There are also online consultants and you may contact them who can actually bring a noticeable difference to your revenue statistics. There are many digital marketing institutes in Ahmedabad that can help you in creating online presence.

The bottom line:

Regardless of the fact that most of the business people have used traditional way of marketing and few of them have relied merely upon it, the new era of digital marketing transformation is asking entrepreneurs to accept a different add-on and value-based addition.

Those who are not ready to accept branding their products or services at social media platforms through digital marketing arenas, they will equally feel and add the lack of perseverance to their business note. At this juncture, it is wise to understand the real importance and vitality of the need and to act on it.

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