7 Points You Must Verify Before Selecting Any Digital Marketing Course

In 7 points you must verify before selecting any Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course is the not today’s requirement. It’s a necessity.
It’s not a star, it’s a universe!
When a king asked everyone to fill the pond with milk, all poured water in it thinking that no one will know about it. At the end of the day, it was difficult to know whose contribution was real and whose were not. Similarly, when the pool of Digital Marketing Course is getting full now-a-days, it is difficult to verify which course should we join and which to be ignored!

When there are so many options available it becomes very difficult to justify for a student which course should he/she actually join. Today, in this article we are going to discuss about certain major key points you must keep in mind while selecting any digital marketing institute.
MAJOR MISTAKE – Do not just decide looking at the website. Every one claims to be the best digital marketing institute as per their own ranking. Content and images put on the website might not serve all the purpose. Visit the institute, look at the ambience and infrastructure, talk to the counselors and experts and then make your decision.
7 points you must verify before selecting any Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad
1. Faculty Profile

Faculty plays a very important role in delivering the digital marketing power techniques. When the faculty himself is experience, it matters a lot. Most of the focus while training Digital Marketing program students is put on practical training. There must be no theories and no detailed conceptual studies. Each and every concept must be taught taking live case studies and live company examples.
Faculty imparting training must be having rich experience and must be presently doing digital marketing for companies. One who used to do digital marketing for companies before and now is giving just training might not be the best fit.

2. Infrastructure and Institute’s Learning environment

Institute must provide you the opening up – opportunity. One must feel free to share his opinion, doubts and all concerns without any hesitation. In the field of Digital Marketing, nobody is perfect. So everyone must be allowed to put the idea and must get redressal and acknowledgement.

The infrastructure must appeal and inspire you to be there and study further, you must not feel home-sick once you are at the institute. Faculty must respect each and every student and must understand the level of student. The training must not be made standardized on one yardstick. It must be customized as per the student.
There must be the following things at the center / institute:
– Wifi facility
– Full time faculties to solve your query any time
– Projector enabled smart class
– System in case of student who is unable to bring his own laptop
– Participative environment
– Group training (more than 20 in a batch), that brings in multiple strategies

3. Focus on practical approach

When it comes to any like Digital Marketing Course, it is very important to know that whether the institute imparts practical knowledge. Check the course module and see that how are they teaching? See what resource they are using for the training module? It is a book or a website? If they are training looking from the books, you are wrong men in worker’s paradise.

Make sure that the institute provides you each and every concept on practical basis. Concepts must be taken on projector and must be dealt with it taking live practical. Company’s examples and real advertisements must be run live in class allocating budget and lead generation techniques must be shared accordingly. Otherwise, in class student will feel good ad after 2 months of completion of the course, student will forget everything if not learnt practically.

4. Course Content

The course content is the biggest matter of concern to choose any digital marketing institute. The course structure must include all concepts chronologically and each and every concept must be shared in detailed way. For one particular concept, there must be basic theory and more and more examples related to the same concept used by minimum 5 top corporate companies.

Major points like SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Google Ad words etc. are covered generally in all syllabuses. But there are some minor concepts like generating back links, getting traffic on your blogs, image marketing, online reputation management, conversion rate optimization, brand building and awareness, getting freelancing projects etc. which must not be ignored practically.

Also, the course content must be updated and most revised. It must be changed over a period of time with new technological updates. Also, the strategies which are used last year by any company will not be the same this year. All these factors must be closely inspected.

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5. Assignments and Practice Projects

Most of the institute focuses on teaching and preaching. They do not focus more on projects and assignments. Any Digital Marketing Course will not be a fruitful agenda if a student is not getting live projects and practical websites to work on. Make sure that you get word press login, Google analytics login and various other tools access so that you can practice the same sitting at your own home.

From a student point of view, it is always better that institutes don’t provide the projects and thus, it makes them out of complexities to manage time and get the assignments done. But in a long run, the practical homework work on screen and websites actually gives a student a clear idea of the actual implementation.

Student must be submitting all assignments before the deadline and the institute must check and review the same. Actual significance lies in the analysis and revision of your assignments.

6. Placement Assistance Guarantee

Do not fall in the trap of 100% Placement Assistance! Ask for assurance.

Many of the institutes shout out a loud for their placement packages and placement assistances. Make sure that they are all correct! Check out of the social media platforms and see whether they have shown the students real pictures with actual CTC they have achieved from the companies.

Also, if possible talk to the students who have already joined the institute, ask them about the review. Ask them about the placement packages and verify the fact. Also, check the social media comments and testimonials put on various social media accounts.

Also, you must join the institute that has good corporate connect. Try out and check whether the institute provides you internship assistance as well.

7. Support after completion of the Course

Make sure that the institute does not only focus on you admission and the fees!
Indeed we know that each and every institute run their own business and that they focus more on the admissions, but at the same time, there are certain institutes that focus on student’s actual learning.

Join the institute that provides you the best after-sales service. Even after 1 year of completion of the program, if you have some doubts, they must be ready to help you without any grudge.

In fact, each and every institute will claim that yeah, they do support us even after the completion of the program, but then too, be wise and justify accordingly!
Please note that you are going to study and join Digital Marketing Course only once. It will be very difficult to understand just through websites and telephonic conversation whether the institute will fulfill all our requirements or not.

Also there are certain points to be taken care of while choosing the institute.

1. Do not go for low fees and more installment criteria
2. Do note decide on location (particularly people select nearby)
3. More faculties do not mean good teaching
4. Do not decide just on the basis of telephonic conversation
5. Focus more on practical training rather than material they provide
6. It is not necessary for you to have IT knowledge to join any institute
7. You don’t need to know coding or programing before joining this program
8. You must select 3 to 4 Months Program as an ideal time for course duration
9. Ask for receipts for payments and prefer cheque payments only
10. Do not decide institute’s training model by its follow up process for your admission

These were the basic key points for you to decide any Digital Marketing Course.

Now what are you waiting for, go to Google, search Digital Marketing Institute in your city and start calling and visiting. Decide the best institute for you and start learning!

Please understand, each and every individual, whether he is a student, working professional or a business person, can earn up to Rs. 1L per month just by spending few minutes every day through freelancing projects.

Make your own way and excel!

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