Having A Great Social Media Strategy for Indian Business

Marketing with social media has become one of the most popular ways to get your brand known today. More and more companies join social networks every day hoping that new clients will arise. No matter how much hard work you put into your social media campaign, sometimes you won’t see any results.

This happens when a business doesn’t know when or what to post. If the information you are putting out is repetitive and boring, you’ll notice that no one is interested in what you’re offering. The amount of time you spend on each page daily and the type of information that you’re giving out do matter if you are looking for success.

It’s hard to figure out how much effort should be put into each social media network but it is mandatory that you know. If no one is paying attention to some of your posts, why are they even being published? Followers and fans log into their social pages to read new and interesting information that will benefit them in some way. Take the time to find news that others want to read about other than always posting about your business.

It may seem like common sense but you should always know who your audience is. Not knowing who’s reading your posts makes it hard to know what exactly to post about. You could be posting information that is useless to your fans. This will lead potential clients to leave your page and have no reason to come back. You always need to know who your target audience is and what they want to hear. This will make your life so much easier when updating your social media pages.

The amount of time that needs to be spent on each page is different for every business. Don’t spend all your time posting about endless offers or boring information about what your services are. If you are working with a small business, take about an hour to update all of your pages daily.

If you own a big company you should spend more time online. Take two hours out of each day to interact and engage with fans. Fans and potential clients will get thrown off if they always see a post asking them to buy something. Use your time wisely and post about topics that your audience wants to read about.

Every company is going to have a different way of working but they all should take these tips into consideration for their social media strategy. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when working with social media but when it’s done correctly, you’ll see nothing but success for your brand.

Key Tips to Improve Social Media Results
Social media marketing plans have evolved in different forms over the past few years, especially with the networks’ competition to keep improving and offering more tools. Many companies have used social media pages like Twitter and Facebook to target specific marketing campaigns. Hashtags are an integral part of these digital advertisements and sharing is another important feature that must be used for success.

Here are ten key tips to make sure your social media campaign is all that it can be:

1.Monitor your Twitter account at least 5 times a day. Trending topics rise sharply and disappear within hours. It’s important to watch them, in case you can capitalize on them for your social media marketing.
2.Don’t share entire blog posts. Tease your audience to lead them to your content.
3.Use action words in posts on Facebook, “Check this” “It’s here” or “Out now.”
4.Keep a monthly calendar with dates and activities that seem not important, like celebrity birthdays. These types of things trend on Twitter in a big way.
4.Be sure all of your pages have widgets and tools for each of your social media pages.
5.Don’t follow random people on Twitter. Utilize sources like Twellow and Peer Index to look at lists. Or use Klout to find key influencers on the topics that your brand is most interested in.
6.Use your posts to coordinate with the time of day. If it’s lunch time, try and tie that into your post. Or even the day of the week. Followers are more willing to respond to a post about weekend plans on a Friday, for example.
7.Make sure images on Facebook are large and attractive.
8.Don’t spam! Make sure you are not filling your follower’s news feeds with too many posts a day. 9.Twitter can easily post more because of the extra noise and users understand more. Sometimes less really is more!
10.Keep hashtags short and to the point. Use it sparingly so it is not used negatively.

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