Know About Organic Marketing in SEO And Social Media Marketing

Don’t have a budget for marketing? If not, do it for free! We’re not talking about roaming around and telling people about your brand but about taking the internet. The answer is search engine optimization – the best form of organic marketing that you can use.
Keywords and backlinking are not just fancy words; they provide effective results. Even the biggest multinational companies consider organic marketing as the backbone of marketing. Why would companies focus on hiring a creative team and a digital marketer if this were not the case? It’s because the content is the king.
A marketing plan focusing on spending money only after working on the keywords people are searching for will eventually fail. Conversely, most successful digital marketers advocate organic marketing with in-organic or paid marketing. Every business, not only e-commerce, starts with basic hearsay and mouth promotion which in digital marketing is known as sharing links.
Organic marketing helps in understanding the basic consumer nature of the marketer. Consumers will only search for something relevant to their needs. An organic search is a way to understand and further work on marketing projects.
This is why social media plays a key role in getting things viral. The site working smoothly is another reason why most people will visit your website repeatedly. This includes a smooth UX and the elimination of technical glitches.
In this article, we will learn about various organic methods that anyone can use to boost sales and audience interaction.

Methods of Organic Marketing

There are two ways of going organic in digital marketing: search engines or social media. Both are equally effective and hence essential for your brand. Let’s understand both one at a time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know the term “SEO”, but how much of it do we really understand? The search engine’s main job is to solve your queries by providing you with website links that may have answers. So, your website needs to provide an answer to the potential customer who’s either looking for or unknowingly needs your product or service. That is what optimizing the search engine is all about.
Now, there are several ways of optimizing the search engine. This is because websites are crawled and ranked based on several factors. Here’s what can help you rank your website:

Let’s say you have a lifestyle blog. If millions of people search for “dark chocolate”, will you only write about sugar candies? Of course not. You want your blog to appear on the first page of Google. In this example, the keyword is dark chocolate. And using keywords associated with “dark chocolate” might help you get there. So, using various tools, a digital marketer finds suitable keywords in the article and website to rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), like dark chocolate, online dark chocolate, or best dark chocolate. However, it would help if you also were cautious while overusing keywords, as it leads to negative website marketing. Inserting a keyword five to seven times in your blog is a safe number.
Meta Titles and Descriptions

When you place a query on Google, the website links you get on the search engine results page have a title in blue and a short description in grey or black below. The headline is the meta title, and the 2-3 lines below are the meta description. When you optimize them with keywords, it affects the link’s ranking.
Technical SEO
Your website is amazing, with almost perfect themes and text, but it takes too much time to open whenever someone clicks on it. Technical SEO solves this problem. Digital marketers insert certain codes in the website, which smoothens the process for a user. This crucial part of generating a good user experience is why some clothing or social media sites are more famous than others.
Backlinking is an organic way to advertise your website on other free websites. That is backlinking when you post your YouTube video link on your Facebook account. Certainly, you can backlink your website on hundreds of websites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and many others. Commenting on similar posts on different websites or social media is also a part of backlinking.

Social Media Marketing

Cute videos of dogs and babies earn millions of likes in a few hours because of the magic social media generates. Users can make their content viral through social media because it is easy to share with just one click among friends.
However, it demands creativity to attract such a huge audience. That is why today, almost every company which aspires to grow hires a social media manager to create engaging content and establish a brand identity. Two social media apps where you can easily make viral content are Instagram and YouTube.

Reels span for a minute but engage a large audience as the user in a hurry only wants to spend a minute on online content. Reels should be crisp, funny and sometimes informational.
Another feature of Instagram is carousel posts. If you want to increase your website’s click-through rate, you can make a carousel with some excerpts of your blogs, mentioning the link to your website. You can directly request your followers to share your post and read your blogs on Instagram.
The easiest way to introduce your company and its products is by making interesting videos and uploading them on YouTube. You frequently share the link to your video with your friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.
Using hashtags on both YouTube and Instagram can increase your SERP.
To Sum it Up
Organic marketing is where digital marketers start their stint with the online world. It is the first interaction with your potential customers, which helps in understanding their thinking process and purchasing instincts.
Organic marketing requires no money but a lot of effort. The process takes longer than paid advertisements on Facebook and Google. However, initially, it is the only measure to make promising long-term clients, users and customers.
Despite marketing methods, every marketer should care about in-depth research of the market and a customer’s buying behaviour. Without research, even a paid ad will not work the way it should. With constant user interaction and the implementation of research, organic marketing can do wonders for your blog or e-commerce site.

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