Can I Take Digital Marketing as A Career In 2024?

When we hear of someone being a digital marketing professional, we expect them to be an expert with everything – from keyword research and technical analysis to graphic designing, content writing, and paid ads. In short, we know most digital marketers to be all-rounders who generalize in every aspect of the field.
However, today, things work differently. A good professional specializes in one field. For instance, if you are doing email marketing, you will be expected to write compelling emails before you start sending the emails to hundreds of potential customers. You can be an SEO expert, inbound marketing specialist, ads expert or social media strategist.
You have to choose your domain of specialization. Of course, you can have additional skills to add weightage to your portfolio too. However, if you want to run your own business, you work in a team with people specializing in other skills. The best way to get that experience may be through a job in a firm where there are many specialists working together to provide digital marketing services.

The Current Scenario Of Digital Marketing

Most companies in India want to hire one digital marketer who can do everything from SEO to social media to content writing. The reason is that the ones hiring you at the beginning of your career are small business owners who offer Rs 10k-15k per month.
There is nothing wrong with becoming the jack of all trades initially. This is because only when you start working that you slowly discover your area of interest.
Statistics tell the growth of digital marketing jobs every year. Every company wants to hire a digital marketer because the whole world is on Google searching for literally every tiny thing, from a set of hairpins to cars. Brands need to create a face value that will stay in the minds of their customers, whether by spending on ads with highly creative content or by various collaborations.
As reported by the Economics Times, the ‘2023 Global Ad Spend Forecasts’ mentioned that “the Indian ad market is forecast to grow 18.1% in 2022, driven by its strong 39.4% performance in the first half of the year.” Another report by Forbes mentioned, “in 2022, two-thirds of all ad spending was allocated to digital media and expected by 2027 digital media will account for 73% of total ad spending.”
Smart business owners know these stats, so the demand for digital marketers is increasing daily. Let’s learn how to prepare for a digital marketing job in 2023.

Create and Build Your Own Website

Take the help of YouTube or paid online courses to create a WordPress website and start posting blogs per your favourite niche. Aspiring digital marketers must remember that more than creating a website is needed. It would be best if you built it.
Use your analytical skills and digital marketing methods of SEO, backlinking and social media to rank your website in the Google search results. Google crawlers will crawl your website only when you use appropriate well-researched keywords in your blogs.
Write a compelling description in your meta description and use meta tags. Make sure your website has minimal technical glitches. Every visitor to your website should be able to navigate through your website easily.
Take the help of online sites like ‘Answer the public’ and various free Google sites to find the most searched topics on the search engine. Write on trending topics with correct grammar and fluency. Your content should make sense and should be arranged in the right chronology of paragraphs that solves a visitor’s query.

Try Freelancing

Once you master running a successful website, look out for freelancing projects. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to start freelancing. Another platform is digital marketing groups on Facebook, where website owners look for freelancers who can increase their website traffic.
As a freelancer, your focus should be on how you will implement all your skills. You can build your contacts on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Though these contacts might or might not give you a project right away, your progress will attract them to give you projects in future. Your online presence is very important in freelancing.
Other than social media, you can create accounts on Upwork and You can see how other freelancers have created their profiles on these sites. You can create your profile the same way and apply for multiple projects. The good part is these sites have many international clients who would pay in dollars.

Experiment More

If you want to learn e-commerce marketing, try selling products on Facebook, Shopify, and your own website. This will be your real affair with the online world. Create different Facebook ads with different locations and tags and see which plan generates more leads. You might start your own e-commerce business one day or work for others.
Practice and experimentation will make you learn more than just going through various courses. Experimentation will boost your confidence and give you deeper insights into various digital marketing strategies.

Look For Agencies

Learn under the experts in the field. Look for various agencies where you can diversify your talent and learn from experienced digital marketers. In agencies, you can work on multiple projects with better guidance and time management. Working in an agency will enhance your communication skills and portfolio.

To Sum it Up
Competition in digital marketing will increase in 2023, and so should your skill sets. Hence, learning more than one skill will help you get a better career in digital marketing. Another factor is you need to be aware of all the recent developments in the digital marketing space and bring those into your skill set.
The major portion of digital marketing in 2023 will be based on paid advertisements. So, spend more time learning and practising the technical aspects of Google and Facebook ads. Use your client’s money diligently with every click. All that matters is how you convert visitors into customers and make your client’s investment fruitful.
Remember, if you want to expand your horizon, your clients should become long-term clients impressed by your result-oriented work.

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