How to use hashtags correctly and intelligently

Hashtags are no longer a secret to social media users, but there are a set of rules that make using this tool more efficient and smart. Through hashtags, brands communicate with users, know their needs, and find ways to meet them. Hashtags will keep your content among the top search results on social media and in search engines.
We created this article to give you a good source of information, so you know how to use hashtags correctly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to select Hashtag for Facebook.

The first social network that used and consecrated the hashtag and that continues to use it most intensely is Twitter. We will review some basic rules to see how things are on this social network and how implementing hashtag can increase your targeted audience for conversion:
1. Use only popular hashtags – you will gain audience and notoriety.
2. The rule of the two golden hashtags – in order not to be considered spam, a Tweet must not have at least two hashtags. Studies show that posts with relevant hashtags benefit from twice as much interaction as those without such a tag.
3. Be simple, clear, and concise – a long hashtag will give the impression of spam, and you don’t want that. Precisely for this reason, the structure you use must be simple.
4. Create your own hashtags – it’s not enough to identify with the crowd, because the most important thing is to differentiate. Create your own hashtags related to the promotions you make or your brand. Also, encourage others to use them in their posts.
5. Using hashtag tools can be very useful as it will segregate the best hashtags of your niche in one click. The rule to generate hashtag from tools are that you must not use the same hashtag in continues frequencies. The more you stay clean, the more you reach the desired audience, providing the best results for your Instagram account.

How to select Hashtag for Facebook.

Let’s see how things are on Facebook when it comes to hashtags. Here are some rules that we hope will help you:
1. DO NOT use too many hashtags – otherwise, your message will be perceived as annoying. We suggest you use a maximum of 6-9 suggestive hashtags in your Facebook posts.
2. Use relevant hashtags, which refer to certain events/campaigns – if you attend a conference, you can find out, with the help of the hashtag promoted by the organizers, what are the opinions of those in the room or other important details. See, for example, what the participants in #AMAworkshop say.
3. Avoid diacritics and spaces between hashes and words – these are probably the most common mistakes on Facebook today, but correct information could prevent such cases in the future. So, do NOT enter that space between the hashtag and the word, and DO NOT use diacritics in the case of words with a hash sign in front, because users will not be able to identify your post in the search engine on Facebook. Even if your hashtag is made up of several keywords, they must be grouped, and alternatively, you can include uppercase letters at the beginning of each word. A hashtag can include numbers, but punctuation is excluded.
4. Your post should be public if you add hashtags – it’s more about paying attention to detail and your desire to promote your product as effectively as possible. A hashtag has only one role: to group all the posts on a certain topic in a single search, like a blog category, and if your post is not public – you lose visibility.

How to use Hashtag on Instagram.
We continue with Instagram – a platform that, rightly, holds all the records for the use of hashtags. Instagram reached over 800 million. of active users per month and certainly will not stop here. Here are some important rules for the correct use of hashtags on this platform:
1. Always use hashtags on Instagram – you will get a 12.6% higher interaction rate and so you will feel on your own skin how the hashtags work on this social network.
2. On Instagram, you have “GREEN” hashtags – unlike other platforms, here you have free imagination! According to research, it was found that posts that contain an average of 11 hashtags, generate the highest interaction rates.
3. Respect the 30-hashtag limit in a single post – you may not use as many keywords, but keep that data just in case. Go to to see which hashtags are currently popular.
Follow these rules and use hashtags correctly. You will definitely enjoy success in the online environment.

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