In 2021 Instagram is one of the biggest and most used social media networks in the market. It consists of over 1 billion active monthly users and 25 million active business accounts with still increasing numbers every day.

The power and the influence that Instagram has had on the market to connect and convert your ideal customer and clients is unimaginable.

The Social algorithms are Hard to understand and they’re getting harder and harder to get more Conversions & Followers. This Blog will address the most working Instagram marketing strategies for small businesses, Medium businesses & individuals that we have taught to our students in live advance digital marketing sessions.

Optimizing your Profile on Instagram

A Complete Profile is a great start that’ll give you the perfect boost to capture the targeted audience by describing your business through a complete profile. Starting from the Profile image to the Instagram Bio every bit of information should not confuse your targeted audience & should be precise.

Optimize Your profile Bio

In the beginning, you have to optimize your bio by describing accurately, clearly, and concisely your business in 150 Characters.

By clear introduction such as What you do and who you do it for will create an opportunity to have the maximum targeted audience follow you. The golden tip to optimize your Instagram bio would be to use the most searched term (Keyword ) by your audience.

To understand better we have provided you with an example of the optimized bio of the Instagram account below.
Instagram Conversion

Bio-Link & Selection of Username

The Bio link for your profile must redirect to your website or online store if you have one. If you don’t have a Website don’t worry. You can offer customers information guides or lead magnets to make sure to make them your customer. Using a Link tracker can also help you to know more about your customer demographics.

The Username should always have your Registered company name or the Domain URL name to have a unique identity from other pages. The best Username to get great organic followers through Instagram search can be using a service query within your username.

Perfect strategies to Gain Your Targeted Audience

No strategies in the world will help you on Instagram if the Content or the Images are copied or Confuses the Audience.

Social Media Calendars can be one solution to organize your posting & directing it to retain new customers by engaging them on all Social Media Platforms. We will discuss the ultimate social media Calendar in a different blog but for now, let’s talk about the important factors to grow fast on Instagram.

Creating Great Content: It is tested and noted down that the Images with content and text on them get viral instantly. Instagram is an image-oriented social media platform describing your image in post text that won’t attract or reach more people. Combining the Graphics & Text ll form great content for your Instagram Account.

Posting Relevant Content on Instagram: Creating Memes for your customers is a great way to engage your customers, but at the same time to introduce your service to it ll increasing social sharing & organic promotion at the same time. We suggest you create posts relevant to your services rather than creating directionless posts.

It is important to place interesting content on the site, provide useful information, motivating users to share it further. Content needs to be unique, thematic, and frequently updated. Dry text is not suitable, it is good to use graphics, images, and illustrations.

Engaging Posts :
To create an Engaging post on Instagram you do need both Great Content & Relevant Content but to maximize to reach there are some tricks that can help you a lot in 2021. Such as Hashtag Research, Publishing Post in StoryLine,  Posting Time, Adding Geolocation to the post & Many more.

Informative Posts on Instagram:
Educating your audience about the services & products of your business can increase the conversion rate from both new & existing customers. Working Application with examples of Products is great example to boost B2C Marketing & to boost B2B Marketing you can always have the proficiency to sell your products nationally & Internationally.

The Golden Rule for posting should be always to create quality content-oriented posts rather than quantitative posts.

The right time to post:
General guidelines that are working on the basis of a recent Instagram algorithm update is that posting one to two times a day is optimal to reach more people. The timing of your posting matters a lot now as the users’ Active tie can provide you the maximum reach & Conversions at the same time. To understand it better you can divide the posting time on the basis of these three factors:

1. The optimal posting frequency to post on Instagram
The number of posts per day decides the optimal posting frequency of any business account, the Aim to post The most optimal posting frequency for all Major brands to post on Instagram is between one to three times per day. If you are posting your content on alternative days we’ll suggest you try posting each day to increase the reach of your posts.

2. The optimal time of day to post on Instagram
The answer to this question can make you the king of your business or niche on Instagram. Choosing the right time to post might require some experiments as the audience activity time varies for all businesses & niches.
3. The optimal days of the week to post on Instagram:
Some businesses require special posting days such as weekends or working days.
To get the best time to post your content you can simply go to your Google Analytics 4 & look for the Users by the time of day. It gives you the footfall of your customer day-wise, planning and posting using this data can be really useful for website owners and IOS/Android Owners.

Help us spread the knowledge of Social Media marketing online by leaving a comment below. We know that there are other Simple & effective Social Media Marketing tips that you may use; what are they?

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