Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities in Gujarat, India

India is a young country with a population of 1.4 billion and one with the largest internet users. The number of users will only go up in the coming years. Due to the growing internet usage in the country, every business wants to hire digital marketers to expand their business. This applies to all organizations, from start-ups to multinational corporations.
Cities like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi are digital marketing hubs. Another city that’s joining the league in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. If you live anywhere in Gujarat, your opportunities to make a career in digital marketing are growing by the day.
So, let’s see how you can excel in this field living in this state.

Identify Your Interest

Many of us are under the impression that digital marketing requires technical skills. Well, there’s so much more to it. Individuals who do well in this field are the ones who are passionate enough to explore it.
You might have basic social media skills to enhance to become a digital marketer. Yes, social media is a part of digital marketing, but to have expertise in social media, you are also required to work on your creativity and Facebook ads which are paid. You will be required to manage Facebook (now, Meta) ads which are not similar to using Facebook Messenger or the normal Facebook app.
If you are interested in knowing why certain sites appear first, then others on search engines, you can discover search engine optimization (SEO). If you want to get into e-commerce, you can learn both social media and SEO. Ultimately, it all depends on the field that interests you the most.

Prepare Yourself for These Job Profiles

There are many job profiles you can look for, like pay-per-click (PPC) analyst and content marketing. In this article, we will look at these four job profiles, which cover all the basic methods of digital marketing. All the profiles are less about technicalities and more about strategies that bring results.

Social Media Executive

Apart from knowing the basic functioning of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, a social media executive should constantly learn even the minute changes in the market.
Indian markets are very volatile. Trends keep on coming and going. In such a volatile market, a social media executive should know what can and cannot be. You must think of catchy lines and creative ad campaigns that stay in a potential customer’s memory.
As a social media executive, keep track of the number of shares, likes and engagement on recent posts. Experiment and compare which ideas or strategies work and which don’t. In the United States, a social media marketer is paid as much as 70,000 dollars which converts into Rs 57 lakhs. In India, you can start from ₹10k-₹15k per month.
You need to become a people person and check out what other pages are doing to boost their sales on social media because the ultimate goal of every business is to grow financially. Maintaining a report and regularly engaging with your audience via comments and direct messages are crucial for a social media handle to grow.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analyst

Most people identify SEO with keywords. Keywords are essential to SEO, but the keywords should not come out of one’s imagination. They should be well-researched. You can check your competitors’ websites and blogs and try to implement (not copy) them on your website. There is free Google software available where you can know the trendy keywords.
Another form of SEO is technical SEO which deals with maintaining the speed of a website. Two seconds is considered the ideal speed for a website. It means that a website’s visuals should take no more than two seconds to open as a netizen (citizens of the internet) have less patience. If you are trained in coding languages like HTML, Java and CSS, you consider being a technical SEO expert.
The whole objective of SEO is to rank your page in the top 10 on Google. It only happens when your website content is attractive and functions smoothly.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Expert

Search engine marketing is the wider form of SEO which looks into the enhancement of key performing indexes such as bounce rate, engagements, click rate and conversion rate. SEM is the most crucial part of digital marketing because it is focused on bringing the result that is more lead conversion.
If you are a search engine marketer, you would often hear your boss asking for a return on investment (ROI) which means the investment in the ads brings the right return. It is not profit, but it measures the benefit of utilizing resources (in this case, money) on your website.
SEM needs thorough knowledge and research on SEO strategies, keywords, trends, PPC, click-through rate (CTR) and click-to-conversion CTC. If you master SEM and gain relevant experience of more than 5 years, there are chances you can become the digital head leading a bunch of specialists in a company.

Inbound Marketer

Inbound marketing is highly focused on content. Content that attracts people. It also includes running ads on websites and social media handles. It would be best to learn how ads on Facebook run, research trends, copywriting, email marketing and graphic designing to become an inbound marketer. As an inbound marketer, you must realize that content is king.

To Sum it Up
If a company hires you or you want to freelance as a digital marketer, your only focus should be on bringing quality to your work. Alongside knowing the technicalities, you have to set your mind to making strategies that enhance your portfolio.
Also, in 2023, creativity plays the biggest role in making content viral. It means besides paying for ads, the service or the product you are trying to sell should also be of good quality. Regarding blogs, the content should help the reader with a good flow of chronological text and attractive infographics.

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