Top 5 Best digital marketing course in Ahmedabad in 2024

If you’re looking for the best digital marketing course in Ahmedabad, then this blog is for you. This blog contains a list of the top five digital marketing courses in Ahmedabad including important details needed to make your choice easier like the course details, duration, fees, curriculum and more. With the ever-increasing scope of digital marketing and the demand for advanced digital marketing courses in Ahmedabad and all over the world, it can be difficult to choose which course will give you the skills most relevant to your career aspirations or even what type of certification might suit your needs.
This is the ultimate digital marketing course listing. The aim of this list is to find out what options are available overall, and where they come in terms of features and cost. Then to easily identify the best digital marketing certificate program, we undertook a detailed review of each course that’s currently available.
At the end of reading this blog reads shall be benefited manifolds and shall understand what digital marketing is offering them.
Digital Marketing will empower you to reach prospects when they are online, find them through search results, and engage them with relevant content. Social Media Marketing helps you connect with your customers on networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. SEO & PPC help your site rank in Google and other search engines so you can reach new audiences as they look for your products or services. Email Marketing allows you to build relationships with potential clients through consistent messages about your business.
• The Digital Marketing courses which we have shared in the blog are recommended by well recognized digital marketing training institutes, offering an online professional diploma in digital marketing. All the program are designed to give you the deep knowledge and skills required for a successful career in digital marketing.

The courses will give you a detailed idea about the fundamentals of digital marketing, and how it is used to promote businesses in today’s digitized and digital world.
• Digital Marketing Certificate Course- This course will introduce you to the best practices and systems for implementing various marketing techniques through digital methods.
• Digital Marketing Certification Programs- These programs are available in all levels, starting with beginner level and reaching advanced level through online mode or offline mode (in-person).
• Digital Marketing Internship Program


Duration: 1 Year
Overview of course:
ASDM is an advanced training organization that primarily focuses on developing Performance based digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. ASDM offers All kinds of digital marketing courses & digital marketing workshops, helping aspirants to become proficient in the latest technology trends and marketing strategies.
Specialization Topics:
Specialization topics can include Graphic Design, YouTube marketing, Mobile Marketing, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Influencer Marketing, Growth Hacking, etc. These courses provide information in 50+ topics related to Digital Marketing.
Course Faculty
The Faculties at ASDM have more than 10+ Years of experience in digital marketing with Facebook and google certified, a few of them have their own digital marketing agencies working on a huge range of tasks for clients, from working on campaigns for top MNCs costing crores of rupees. The lecturers go over for every well-known digital marketing tool. You can expect our faculty to be fast-paced and thorough during the training, but patient and thorough during the exam.
Course Highlights:
• Industry’s Most Advanced Curriculum
• 350+ hrs of Practical Training
• 100% Placement Guarantee
• 50+ Modules
• 5+ Industry Experts
• The best learning management system available (where you can access our recorded lectures)
• Premium Tools worth INR 140,000/- (All original Tools with license keys)
• 15+ Globally recognized Certifications
• 10 Days No Question Refund Policy
• Best in class Infrastructure
• Industry Experts who take your Lecturers
• Freelancing Opportunities (Work from home opportunities)
• Learn to make money through Affiliate Marketing
• Build your own business and eCommerce website.
Course Projects:
• Designing a Business Website
• Designing an Ecommerce Website
• Designing Landing Pages
• 30-Day Social Media Strategy
• Running Paid Google and FB Ads
• Doing SEO for a Complete Website
• Running Email Campaigns
• Lead Generation Campaigns
Course Certifications:
• 6 Google Ads Certifications
• 1 Google Analytics Certifications
• 5 HubSpot Certification
• 1 Microsoft Bing certification
• 1 Course Completion Certificate.

Why 1 Year certificate course is best for digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus
The 1-year program in digital marketing course offers core topics that will be covered and usually provides a brief description of what you can expect to learn in the class. It also helps to define some of the goals and expectations an instructor has for the students.
• Digital Marketing Fundamentals
• Ads Designing for Online Marketing
• Advance OnPage SEO, Offpage SEO & Link-Building
• Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
• Blogging and Google AdSense
• Content Planning, Writing, & Marketing.
• Email Marketing & Automation
• Facebook Advertising
• Google Ads
• Google Analytics – Data Science
• Google My Business & Local SEO
• Google Search Console
• How to Build, Grow, & Earn via YouTube Channel
• Managing & Growing Facebook Pages
• Marketing Planning Framework (4P Model)
• ReMarketing & ReTargeting
• Planning, Building, and Hosting a Website Like a Pro
The following skills will be improved as a result of your Google digital marketing certification:
Content marketing
Email marketing
Local marketing
Business strategy
Marketing Analytics
Display advertising (Google Ads)
E-Commerce basics
Search engine marketing
Social media marketing
Video Marketing
Web optimization

Know little more what above mentioned skills means :-
Content marketing
Creating and distributing digital assets like blog posts, videos, e-books, technical and solution briefs, with a variety of other digital content is known as content marketing. Content marketing helps you build thought leadership and authority in your area of expertise; when done well, it also enables leads to discover and learn more about your company’s products or services.
Digital content can be found in a variety of forms including articles, blogs, case studies, diagrams, e-books, free offers, games/quizzes, social media posts/hashtags, infographics, knowledge articles, lists, music, news and opinion pieces, podcasts, reviews.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO specialists are responsible for improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from the search engines. This increases visibility, brand recognition, and sales by putting your business at the top of search engine rankings such as Google and Yahoo. Companies hire an SEO specialist for optimizing their website for search engines, analyzing trends in online behavior, implementing strategies to boost visibility on search engines, managing sites’ interactive programming changes, improving user experience and engagement with content.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
PPC professionals are online marketing managers who seek to drive traffic towards a website using paid search engine results. They usually specialize in SEM, including SEO, which enables them to generate as much return on investment as possible. As one of the most popular advertising methods, PPC has helped businesses develop their brand and increase sales over the years.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social media marketing (SMM) is basically the utilization of social networks for business promotion and marketing. The terms social media and digital marketing are used interchangeably in the digital era, but these terms differ in their meaning. Social media is defined as a collective of the social networking sites, publishers, and users. To engage in a successful marketing campaign, one needs to consider the diverse needs and requirements of his target audience.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining traffic through search engines. SEM combines search engine optimization (SEO) with internet advertising to drive traffic to a website. While SEO focuses on optimizing content on publisher websites, SEO encompasses a wide variety of practices that can impact how content is indexed by search engines. Therefore, professionals also use SEM to drive prospective customers to their sites.

How much does a digital marketing course cost?

A digital marketing course teaches students about the latest trends in online marketing and social media. Students learn how to create a successful online presence and can also take these skills with them to a job after graduation. A digital marketing course’s fee varies based on its format, length, and reputation of the institution.
The price of a digital marketing course depends on the duration of training and the number of hours spent in class. The average fees for digital marketing courses range from Rs. 15,000 – 45,000. The best institutes like ASDM charge Rs. 40,000 to 1 lakh for their 1-month course (Lateral Entry) and Rs. 1 lakh – 3 lakh for their 6+ month diploma course. They also offer advanced diploma and post-graduate level courses with an extended fee structure.
The average cost of a digital marketing course will vary depending on the type of program you select. On average, most courses in digital marketing cost between 25000 to 45000. However, more advanced courses and certification courses can be more expensive.

How many Months course is digital marketing?

Usually, the duration of a digital marketing course is anywhere from 3 to 6 months. It can be completed in less than six months too, but this depends on how fast you learn and take up challenges. Some institutes offer a one-year diploma in digital marketing where they teach the basics for 2-3 months and send you on an internship for the rest of the course with a basic stipend.
ASDM is an advanced training organization that primarily focuses on developing digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. ASDM offers short term digital marketing courses or digital marketing workshops, helping aspirants to become proficient in the latest technology trends and marketing strategies. Students can take digital marketing courses at affordable costs.


Duration: 6 Months
Overview of course:
The Industry Ready Programs are designed to equip you with practical skills and the confidence needed to succeed in the job market. Our 6-month advanced digital marketing program is proven effective in preparing participants for a career in digital marketing. A wide range of online & offline learning resources, together with a high-quality expert faculty ensure that our learning programs are comprehensive and comprehensive.
The PPADM program is designed to train the students in latest digital marketing techniques and prepare them for various roles such as Digital Marketing Executive, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Website Designer etc. The course covers areas such as:
Understanding of Fundamentals-
1 – Digital Marketing Audit
2 – Web Analytics
3 – Social media
4 – Advanced Internet Marketing
5 – Email Marketing
6 – Website Designing & Development
7 – Advanced Graphics
8- Placement Assistance

The minimum qualification required for attending digital marketing course :

Digital marketing has grown into a crucial component of every business. It is the major factor in building a brand image to attract more customers online. This is why many educational institutes are providing digital marketing courses so that the students can develop their skills in this field and make a career out of it. Students who have completed 12th standard can opt for digital marketing courses in colleges or universities to learn more about this field.
• Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing
• BBA in Digital Marketing
• BSc in Digital Marketing
• Certificate in Social Media Marketing
• Diploma in
• Digital Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Marketing Management
Duration: 3 Months
Overview of course:
This Course is a step-by-step guide on how to become an absolute master in the Online marketing niche. This Certified Digital Marketing course is an advanced program that helps students understand digital marketing in real-world scenarios and provides real world experience that can be used immediately. This program covers a wide range of topics to help with furthering career opportunities, such as customer acquisition and how to increase revenue through customer retention online.
According to our Research we suggest that the 3 Months Digital Marketing Course is designed for those who already have a degree or diploma and are looking to take their career to the next level. As digital marketing continues to grow, it’s important that brands and businesses are able to keep up with the latest trends and developments in this field. This course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to do just that in short time.
The program is delivered in partnership with Amazon and provides students with hands-on experience in managing campaigns across a range of channels. It focuses on topics such as branding, analytics and social media, email marketing and paid search advertising. The program includes an internship component allowing students to apply their learning in real life situations.

Course Syllabus: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Affiliated Marketing, Online Brand Reputation, Digital Marketing Overview, Blogging, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Online Display Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation Techniques, Affiliated Marketing, Creating Internet Marketing Strategies, Freelancing Projects

As part of the institute’s commitment to build strong professionals, ASDM does organize 2 days Practical Marathon sessions. This will be generally conducted in a weekend & will be held from morning to evening for 8 hours in 2 days. This will include different marathon like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc. The objective of this is to make sure that candidates who have not attended the session, or those who could not understand the concept can get the revision/ back-up for the same. This will be done by the guest experts from the industry and will be an important session for all ASDM students


Duration: 22.5 hours Hours
Overview of course:
Many people have started to look for alternative ways to make money in this day and age. The traditional way of working at a company, getting a job and then being paid by the hour or by the month doesn’t work anymore.
People need more flexibility with their time and they want more freedom. That’s why so many people are looking for ways to make money online from home. Here are the top five skills you’ll need:
• Grow a Business Online From Scratch
• Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer
• Get Hired as a Digital Marketing Expert
• Work from Home as a Freelance Marketer
This course includes:
• 22.5 hours of on-demand video
• 35+ articles
• 8+ downloadable resources
• Convenient Access on mobile and TV
• Certificate of completion
Join 500,000+ students in the best-selling digital marketing course on Udemy!
With over 20 hours of training, quizzes, and practical steps you can follow – this is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses available. We’ll cover SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and more!
In this course we will cover:
– How to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website
– How to use Google AdWords effectively
– How to use LinkedIn ads to drive traffic to your website
– How to create an attractive YouTube channel
– How to use Twitter effectively
– How to use Pinterest effectively
– How to build an email list with Mail Chimp (and how much it costs)
You’ll learn how to create your own website and optimize it for search engines at no cost. You’ll also learn how to create amazing videos that get shared on social media and go viral. You’ll learn how to create effective ads that get people clicking through to your site or product pages. This course will teach you everything from making your first website to marketing it successfully on the internet.
The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 is an online learning resource for marketers of all levels. It’s a complete course that will teach you how to market a business online from scratch across all the major marketing channels.
Duration: 3 Months
Overview of course:
The MICA Digital Marketing programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the various media channels and technologies used in marketing, and how they are converging to create a new digital landscape. This programme will enable you to understand the need for a multi-channel approach, and how it can be utilised effectively by businesses.
The programme is taught by industry experts who have extensive experience in the field, and have worked on many successful campaigns. The course will cover all aspects of digital marketing, including social media marketing and mobile marketing.
The Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing is a unique programme that offers you the skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in digital marketing.
The programme is designed to be completed in just 3 months, at your own pace, with support from our expert faculty.
What You’ll Learn
You will learn how to design and implement an effective online marketing strategy that can help you reach your business goals. You will also learn how to create successful online campaigns, manage social media accounts and optimize websites for better search engine rankings.
The MICA brand is well-known for its high standards of academic excellence, practical exposure and industry relevance. It is recognised as one of the top business schools in India, delivering cutting-edge knowledge to students from all over the world.
This course has been designed with the objective to familiarize participants with key aspects of digital marketing. The participant is expected to gain working knowledge in the digital marketing domain and develop an understanding of the framework within online marketing businesses and their operations.
The course provides a comprehensive overview of the various concepts related to digital marketing, this include:
-Introduction to Digital Marketing
-Online Branding Strategy
-Online Marketing Communication Strategies
-Online Advertising Strategies (PPC, SEO, social media etc.)
The course will provide a comprehensive overview of digital marketing, including its history, evolution, key players, trends and future directions. It will also cover various aspects including online advertising and promotional strategies, search engine optimization and management, mobile applications development, social media marketing etc.
The programme has been designed keeping in mind the needs of marketers across industries who are interested in pursuing advanced certification in this area.

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