The Ultimate Guide for Blogging

Before knowing what is blogging, what are its benefits, what is the scope in it, etc. let’s talk about people have misconception about Blogging. There are a lot of people who understand wrongly about blogging.

Myths about blogging

1) Blogging should not exceed 500 words.
2) if you can’t write well, you can’t blog
3) If you are not an expert in any field you can’t do blogging
4) You have to post every day and so on.

There are a few things by which people are wrongly understood with blogging. Anyone can start Blog if they got good content to share with others. To be a blogger only thing you need to have is good content and to know how to market that blog.

What is Blogging?

The term web log was first used during the late 90s, which later became weblog then we blog and finally just blog.

Blogging in a simple term is a sharing of knowledge with creative content. Blogging can be done through any source of medium. It can be done through content writing, videos, images or audios in the form of podcasts

Blogging is a platform where a writer shares his/her knowledge with others on any subject. Blogging is all about having creative content to share. Blogs are regularly updated with new content, which is displayed in reverse chronological order (newer post first). Blogs always show new content first. If the users want to see the older post they have to dig deeper to view an older post. to learn Blooging or Digital marketing you can join ASDM Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad.

Is blogging different from websites?

There are a lot of people who are still confused between Blogs and Websites. Whether they are similar or different from each other. Blogs are a type of website. The common difference between Blog and Website is that Blogs are regularly updated with new content.
However, there are a few more differences between Blogs and Websites.

Websites are static in nature and not updated frequently and are organized in pages of websites, whereas Blog is dynamic in nature and content is updated more frequently.
In very simple terms, all Blogs can be websites or a part of websites. However, no Websites can be a part of Blogs.

Benefits of blogging

Every individual blogger has their own motivation for Blogging. Blogging is a platform that helps Bloggers and users both. Blogging is beneficial for Bloggers to help them to share their creative content with the audience which helps them to gain knowledge or in any other way it’s required. The blog helps bloggers to share their knowledge and ideas to a wider audience.

Day by day Blogging is getting too much into the trend. It has become an essential part of online marketing strategy for many businesses. Topmost brands and businesses started creating blogs to educate their customers. Want to know why every business should do content marketing? click here

Few other benefits of blogging

    Provides an avenue to organize your thoughts
    It helps you to show cast your creativity, talents, and skills
    Helps you to socialize with different viewers of their interest
    It also helps bloggers to make money from it
    Non-profits can use blogs to spread awareness or run social campaigns

want to be a successful blogger in 2024!!

As we know blogging is getting into trend and it is also helping to get success in business also. In fact, blogging itself is coming a business. Big corporations, top brands, and online businesses make sure they have their blog, it may be for generating traffic to their websites or to spread awareness about them to a larger audience.

To be a blogger you don’t have to be a successful business person or a professional writer. As blogging is getting into trend, it’s getting easier too. All you need to follow few steps to be a successful blogger.

Following are the steps to be followed to start a blog

Pick your topic

The very first step of starting a blog is that you need to choose a perfect topic for your blog which would entertain viewers to read your blog.

There are 3 do’s that successful bloggers would always suggest
1) Don’t write about yourself
2) Choose something you like
3) Solve people’s problems.

If you understand this, it will be very easy for you to choose a topic and create content about it.

Come Up with Your Domain Name

After you have chosen your topic you also need to find your Domain name. Many people think that creating a domain name is not that important. Think of it as your own brand.
A few things you need to remember to create your domain name are:
1) Easy to remember.
2) Easy to Spell.
3) Keep it Short.
4) Make it Relatable.

Choose your Platform

You will never be able to make money from a free blog. Creating a free blog won’t get you much success due to the following reasons:
1) You don’t own your blog or website content
2) you will have limited support.
3) restrictions on monetizing on your site and putting ads on your website.
4) Your blog won’t give a professional look.
it’s always preferable to share your blog on a paid platform.

Buy Hosting for Your Blog

There are free and paid hosting, but again free will limit your blogs and won’t be able to make money from it. So, if you want to make blogging your business then the only way to go is by paid hosting. One of the best hosting providers is BLUEHOST.

A Successful Blog Starts with the Installation of WordPress

Once you have registered with Bluehost, it will install WordPress for you at the end of registration. All you need to do is create a password and follow the instructions.

Select a Theme for your New Blog

Now, when you have done with all the registration part, now its time to select a theme for your blog. And this time you can go for free ones and can choose any that you like. Later you can also change as you like or if you are boredom with the old one.

WordPress themes provide you with different key elements and can customise as and when you want. The only things you need to take care while selecting a theme are: 1) choose color wisely 2) The layout 3) Pages & Sections

Find Plugins for You

Once you are done with your Blogging process you need to install the plugin. some plugins are free and others are paid. Maybe you would like to go without a plugin but at some point, you will need it, as it makes your blogging much easier. There are 5 types of plugin that may require for your blog. 1) For Backup 2) Security 3) For Contact 4) Social Sharing 5) For SEO

Creating Content for your New Blog

So finally, now you can start creating content for your new blog. At the start, you can write about how excited you are to write your first post or you can give a brief about your website, your blogs or content. Few tips you need to consider while creating content are: 1) Quality over quantity 2) Formatting 3) Visuals 4) SEO


In the end, I would just like to conclude that how well blogging can be part of your business or blogging can be a business itself. So, hope you liked this blog and it may help you to grow. For more such interesting and knowledgeable Blogs stay connected with ASDM.

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