Super Easy Twitter Marketing Tips for Your Business

Many business owners are looking for easy Twitter marketing tips that will allow them to save time, attract more customers, and actually put money into their bank. We have taught many students to help business owners with these marketing twitter tips. We have used and continue to use many of these tips in our daily routine and continue to have great results. At the bottom of this post, leave a comment on what other tips that you may be using in your business to grow online.
We see so many people that send out tweets or replies that look and feel like everyone else’s. Using your own voice not only brands you but also your business, you are unique and have the ability to stand out from the crowd so just do it. You will find that many people will start becoming more attracted to you, your business and what you have to say because it is different. As you start getting more and more traffic, people reading your tweets, they will start re-tweeting your content and before you know it, your tweets are in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Using Keywords Is Part Of The Easy Twitter Marketing Tips

If you have heard about using keywords in your content, you have heard it a thousand times. While this is a post on easy Twitter marketing tips, using keywords is just as important to use in your blog, your website, your videos, your ads and really any content that you create, yep even if you were doing press release marketing.
Scheduling a little time before uploading a mass amount of tweets, it is a great idea to create a list of keywords that you feel best describes your business, your brand and what products and or services that you offer. If you are struggling on getting some good keywords read the Keyword density & SEO Content Writing Blog where we have Shared interesting tips for content & keywords.

Easy Twitter Marketing Tips That Drives Traffic

As you are creating tweets with valuable traffic, and not only sales pitches, create a link that will go back to your website or even your blog. This link will need to be shortened with a service like, because as we all know you can only have 280 characters within a tweet. If you are one of those people that have huge URLs this is a must-have.
Bringing people back to your site starts to build trust, and when they arrive at your website or blog, and you are offering them something in exchange for their info, you are starting to build a list. Now you may be thinking that you do not want them on your list, but you do. Trust gets built even stronger over time as you share more posts and tweets, in turn people buy things from people that they trust.

Easy Twitter Marketing Tips That Save You Time

There are so many tools that can allow you to save time and actually leverage the great technology that currently exists. While you may think that sending out a tweet every few hours and filling out a great message is all that hard, you are right but how often will you forget? With the power of automation, you can stage a hundred tweets for the next two or three weeks and just go in and observe it daily, seeing if anyone asked a question or reached out to you.
Programs like Buffer, Social Oomph and Hootsuite to name a few are a huge time saver and give you additional tools that are pretty in-depth and a whole new conversation here.

Brand Yourself With These Easy Twitter Marketing Tips

One of the key takeaway principles with this tip is to not only share your relevant content but also share others. Now before you throw your hands in the air and say we are crazy, think about this for a few minutes. If you are only sharing your website and or blog content, how do you think you are coming across to others? When you share other content not created by you, it shows that you are willing to help others, that you have your finger on the pulse of the niche and that you are truly an expert within that field.

It does not matter if you provide a service, a product or are trying to build an empire of people, everyone wants to know that you are there to help; not only up to the sale but weeks, months maybe years after the sale. What other easy Twitter marketing tips have you used to drive traffic to your website and help others?

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