Ways to Boost Your Facebook likes

Every small or big business is having a facebook page. There are more than 40 million small businesses using a facebook page to promote their brand and have engagement with their customers. If you are already having a facebook page you must be aware of the struggle for begetting more facebook likes. Though it is a very tough job you can definitely try to get more facebook likes by some of the productive ways which I will be discussing in this article.

Yann LeCun from Facebook which is the biggest social networking site on the globe with over 2 billion monthly active users is one of the recipients among the AI giants who won the 2021 Turing award. Thus Facebook is the biggest social media platform in which you can market your Business and increase your customers.

Facebook likes not only validates your business but also increase trust among the other consumers who can be your potential customers. Having facebook likes, give a sense of credibility for other consumers which get influenced by the likes of their family and friends and are more willing to like your Facebook page and buy your product and services.

The top 6 ways to boost your Facebook likes in 2021 is listed below

1) Use Interactive Images

Posting photo on your facebook page is the most basic step for every person operating facebook. But to increase your followers of Facebook likes the images you post should be extremely interactive, professional, to the point, and must have a unique factor. The images should be appealing to your target audience. Analyze what your potential customers needs and fulfill their needs by posting such images. Don’t just post pictures to sell your product or services, you should also post other images which gives your audience value. For example, you can post some motivational images in the morning, memes or jokes in the evening and anything which your audience would love to see and engage. Try to create viral content which people will like and share to others. It will be beneficial for the long run as customers will get good content and be on your page so you can have a pleasant relationship with every potential customer.

2) Run Facebook Ads

This is a very necessary part of the job to increase your facebook page likes. You can run Facebook Ads in which you can select from the various categories like Awareness, Consideration or Conversion. Ads will increase your brand’s visibility on Facebook. Any kind of ad will create an increase in followers or likes for your facebook page. More people will be aware of the brand and you will get more customers. Running ads is one kind of fruitful investment which will be very beneficial to make your brand famous in public.

3) Tie-up with Influencers

To increase your reach and trust among the consumers you can tie up with influencers which can post for your products and services and you can reach out to their followers. You can search for fashion bloggers or food bloggers or any other according to your product and services. Then you need to know their collaborating rates and finalize the deal. You can ask them to tag your facebook page in their posts thus interested people automatically reach to your facebook page and like it.

4) Post more Engaging Video

Videos are the best way to grab the attention of consumers. But posting videos need to be managed very accurately. Facebook says to have your audience’s attention your video should not be of more than 15 seconds. So now you need to be very careful in placing the content of your video, the most appealing and eye capturing part should be placed at the beginning of the video. You can design it for people who don’t put sound on for videos, thus you have to make your message clear visually. Make your videos more user-friendly, as most of the people watch it on mobile so the dimensions and appearance should be appealing for mobile users also. Add your brand’s logo or symbols on your video right from the beginning of the video. So your Branding is done and a clear message is presented.

5) Install a Like Button Plugin

By the application Widgetic you can increase your facebook likes. You need to add Facebook like widget through Widgetic or some other apps like the Free Shopify app which will add a like button on your pages like a product page. This is a free tool and you can install it to increase your facebook likes many folds. It also shows who else has liked your facebook page so others can have a record of your followers and thus can get influenced to like your page.

6) Use Hashtags

People often think that hashtags are used only for Instagram and Twitter but Facebook is also a very potential platform to use the benefits of hashtags. You can use hashtags related to your product and services and you can also use audience focused hashtags. for example, you can use the famous hashtags related to fitness, fashion or any other which will bring you, new customers, who are interested in those hashtags.

Facebook like play a very crucial role for your business and at the same time engagement is also very important. Our main goal should be converting every follower to potential customers. And this needs the dedication to engage customers and maintain a healthy relationship. Though there are many other social media platforms available for your business to grow, Facebook still plays the most important role as 2.2 billion monthly users is a very large number.

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