Hello Digital Marketing Fans, as you know to be in this digital marketing it is always important to keep watch on the latest digital marketing updates to gain a competitive edge and to develop new ways to generate more leads and good relationships with existing customer.

We have collected all the big News based on digital marketing trends which we had covered in the previous blogs. This blog will share some interesting insights which will help you to determine where the trajectory is heading over in 2019.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Updates to Watch in August 2019

Google Outlines Proposal for Improved Data Transparency Measures in Online Advertising

Ad Blocking has become one of the major issues for the online adviser. Google is one of the companies that stand to lose out the most from this.

Google has previously rolled out its own variation of an ad blocker for Chome, while it’s also sought to penalize pages that provide poor ad experiences.

Google says that, based on the feedback it has gathered, these improved measures need to focus on three key areas
1. users should have transparency. They should be able to easily see and understand how their data is being collected and used for ads.

2. users should have a choice. Their choices about how they experience the web should be respected and any attempts to bypass those choices should be prevented.

3. users should have control. They should have the ability to adjust how their data is collected and used to tailor the ads they see, including whether those ads are personalized at all.”

Facebook is Removing its Group Chats Feature to Limit Spammers

Facebook had removed its group chat features launched in October last year.

as you can see in this image Facebook removed these features on 22nd August 2019. The reason behind removing this feature has not been clear yet but still, you can check this post to know more. Check Post

LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How to Make Best Use of LinkedIn Live

You may not have access to the option as yet, but LinkedIn is slowly looking to expand the usage of its live-streaming option, LinkedIn Live, after its initial launch to selected US users.

Digital Marketing Updates
And this week, LinkedIn has published a new, 13-page guide of tips and tricks on how to make the best use of LinkedIn Live, which includes a range of helpful broadcast notes that can actually be applied beyond the platform itself

YouTube Will Remove its In-App Messaging Option Next Month

After originally launching its chat option back in 2017, YouTube has now announced that it will remove the functionality next month, in order to put more emphasis on public sharing via comments, posts, and YouTube stories.

As explained by Google

Facebook Adds More Page Badges to Encourage Engagement

Facebook has been slowly adding badges into Page interactions also, and expanding the signifiers available in order to highlight more prolific and engaged Page fans.

As you can see here, there are now ‘Anniversary follower’ and ‘Milestone follower’ badges for Page interactions, along with another ‘Follower’ icon, highlighting who’s who within your post comment streams.

So these are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Updates to Watch in August 2019. Hope this information will help you to step ahead of competitors and also to be in this field for a long time.ASDM as wwwDigital Marketing Institute is on a mission to share Digital Marketing knowledge with each and every digital marketing aspirant.

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