If you are looking for some very simple email marketing tips that can grow your business and not make enemies, have people consider, or even worse, report your emails as spam, then settle in for a quick and painless tip list.

Before we get started, I was hoping you could think back to when you recently got an email from some person or business that you had never even heard of in your life.

How did that make you feel? Did you feel betrayed by someone that either sold or traded your name to another individual or company?

Did you feel fooled or tricked into a list of junk emails that someone signed you up for?
Did you feel like you were “tagged” in a photo that has nothing to do with you, and it was a picture of some new shoe coming out?

Were you mad? Did you mark it as S.P.A.M.?

Building a strong foundation on sand is not recommended if you start out and want to build a brand for yourself or your business. Here’s what we mean, if you have a form on your site that people can subscribe to or if you are trying to build a list to market to, do it naturally.

Don’t go out and grab hundreds or even thousands of people’s emails and put them into the form (think it doesn’t happen…think again). This is considered permission-based. Someone is signing up for your newsletters, product updates, sale flyers, or even general updates.

Now there are techniques to get more people to sign up for your email marketing, but we will cover that in the near future in another Blog.

If you decide to try to push this the unnatural way and sign up a bunch of people that did not sign up on their own, you run the chance of your site being blacklisted, never to be seen again. We have seen people do that, and we have wanted to create a blog post to teach people about Simple Email Marketing Tips.

Get Targeted Traffic With These Simple Email Marketing Tips

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Well, well, so you have Website traffic, That’s Great, but the next step is converting all this traffic, or you are spinning your wheels in a giant mud puddle, and you are sinking. One of the most remarkable ways to convert traffic is to place your ads on specific sites, target the right people and focus on particular niches.

Would you rather have five customers that spend money with you every day or hundreds of people “window shopping” and then taking off to the ice cream store? (not literally, but you get our point).

Asking people first hand, face to face, whom you may meet if they would like to get tips and tricks to enhance their business. While you will need to structure this sentence a little better for the person you are talking to, it does work. As you get a few more people, it works organically.

Auto Responders
You may or may not have heard of this, but it is one of those simple email marketing tips that will be easy to set up in a series that sends out emails automatically for your business.

We have been doing this for years now, and it is incredible how many people respond to them. In the autoresponder, you can put in tips and tricks for the niche you are in, a solution to an opportunity that someone may be having in their business.

We recommend sending out no more than two autoresponders a week; this way, you do not come across as pushy to the customer.

A business email should add in different sale flyers but always consider the sixty – forty rule. Send out sixty percent useful content and forty percent sales information. Story Time is powerful but one of the simple email marketing tips that so many business owners overlook, and they are missing the boat time and time again.

Do you remember the last story you were told, were you able to picture yourself in the story, how did it make you feel, can you still remember most of the story?

With stories, people can relate, and when they relate with you, they trust you. Trust is what drives a prosperous and fulfilling business. People love to buy things, and they love to buy things from people that they trust.

Telling a story as part of your email starts the process of connection; with the spark of a connection, you can build a relationship, which builds trust.

Next time you are ready to send out an email, figure out how to put in a little story, a funny story, and a story that gets you thinking. You will be amazed at how this simple email marketing tip will grow your business.

Our Most Simple Email Marketing Tips Of All Time

Do you like to feel like you are part of something, like you belong, belong, maybe even inside? When you are part of a team that decides or knows that your vote mattered, that someone cared about your thoughts or opinions, how does that make you feel?

People want to belong, and a way that you can get your readers and customers to feel that way about you, your business, and your site are to ask their opinion, their feedback, and things that they would:

Like to hear more about
See in an upcoming ad or promotion
A change or adjustment to the business or even the website

We hope you have found these simple email marketing tips to be resourceful, and they have allowed you to think of other ways to market to your customers.

Please help us spread the knowledge of growing business online by leaving a comment below. We know that there are other Simple Email Marketing Tips that you may use; what are they?

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